Top Notch Chamber Music Concerts around the World

Top Notch Chamber Music Concerts around the World

Top Notch Chamber Music Concerts around the World

The year is slowly kicking off, lots of festivals, concerts and events are already lining up to thrill their fans from all parts of the world. Come summer; we will witness lots of great classical music concerts and festivals of celebrations. You don’t want the left out this year! Although it’s too early to start making plans for classical music concerts now, like they always say, “The earlier, the better.” We bring you some of the best classical music concerts and events from all parts of the world.

Bard Music Festival Annandale-On-Hudson


The BARD Music Festival celebrates over 25 years of pure and undiluted classical performances; this year’s event is focused on exploring the importance of classical music and composition to the contemporary styles. The festival features good music, film, lectures, drama, and dance. The likes of Susanna Phillips, Paul Appleby, and Nicholas Phan will be performing the various songs and composition of the theme artist.

You would also enjoy performances from Leon Botstein, Luciano Berio, and all other great composers. The essence of the Festival is to celebrate the life, musical achievement and great collections of the theme artist. Several musicians will have the opportunity to either play or witness the recomposition of these songs. The festival is very entertaining.

Aspen Music Festival

Aspen, Colo.

You can’t talk about Classical music festivals without mentioning the Aspen Music Festival. The festival is one of the most extensive collections of classical musicians, students, and music lovers from all over the world. The festival is over 65 years old and has been one of the best classical music gatherings for over a decade now. Classical performers are always present in their numbers.

The likes of Bill Frisell, Rufus Wainwright, and Tony Bennett are always present with their jazz guitars. You would also find Violinist Joshua Bell who brings the old school sound of the Violin, Robert McDuffie, Philip Glass and is contemporary style and even the likes of Matthias Pinscher and Mason Bates will be present to add good color to the event.

While this festival is fun, it can be long and tiring. Fortunately Aspen has some of the best hotels in the country. While at these festivals many like to take a break and head back to their rooms to relax. There they can find a quiet moment to themselves to catch up and recharge. Watch a show on tv, order room service or play a few games at worldofsolitaire and pokerstarscasino, then once refreshed and ready you can head back to the show!

Bravo! Vail Vail

Bravo! Vail Vail
Bravo! Vail Vail


The Bravo classical music fest is one of the biggest gatherings of the classics in both New York and Dallas. The NY scenery takes care of the Philharmonic features of the concert; Philadelphia handles the Orchestra while the Symphony is dealt with by Dallas. The likes of Alan Gilbert take care of the NY scene with the likes Christopher Rouse, Till Eulenspiegel, Don Juan, Richard Strauss and all other classic performers. Yannick Nezet-Seguin handles the concert in Philadelphia with pianist Helene Grimaud and other composers. The Dallas concert is graced by Japp van Zweden as he performs the Barber Violin Concerto, the Copland’s third and the Beethoven’s ninth. You would also enjoy chamber music from Anne-Marie McDermott, Steve Reich, and the Calder Quartet.

Ojai Music Festival

Ojai, Calif

Treat yourself to a long set of intriguing musical concerts from early in the morning to late at night in the Ojai music festival. From chamber based operas to the classical styles of music, there is never a dull moment in this festival. You would enjoy good music from young and talented musicians from various parts of the country to celebrate happiness and good music. You would enjoy classical performances fro, pianist Jeremy Denk, the Knights chamber orchestra, award-winning Steven Stucky, young and vibrant Timo Andres and other great composers.

Moab Music Festival

Moab, Utah

The Moab festival offers four days of pure chamber music with wild composers and instrumentalists from all over the country. The scenery for the festival is so beautiful; you will be lost in the beauty of the location. The festival takes place at the valley of river Colorado, with the organizers looking to spice up this year’s edition with few variations to the original geographical location. We are yet to find out what the organizers have in mind for this year’s edition, but last year was pure fun. From Britten’s English Folk Songs to the exploration of Russian/Polish styles of music by various chamber artists and performers.

Spoleto Festival USA

Charleston, S.C

The Spoleto Festival takes place in churches, parks and even theatres as some of the best musical acts from northern America come together to celebrate their works. The event is spiced up with lots of opera concerts, orchestra performances, music from different choirs( especially the Westminster choir) lunchtime chamber music and other exciting talks about the history of chamber music.


Lenox, Mass

The Tanglewood music fest takes place every year in Boston. This music festival features lots of orchestra and chamber concerts in the celebration of the vibrant cultural Symphony of the good people of Boston. The music fest features lots of guest artists from various parts of the country. Several top-notch instrumentalists grace the occasion which is always filled with good music. If you are a fan of chamber artists and you stay around Boston, do not fail to search for this year’s edition as you will enjoy every bit of the concerts here.

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