Top Composers of All Time

Top Composers of All Time

Top Composers of All Time

Many of the top composers of music came from Germany. Such genius composers including: Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. By the 1800s these composers had greatly influenced other musicians all over the world. Much of the compositions written by these three composers showed the influence of Viennese music, and so became called Viennese Classicism.

The Infamous Mozart

Mozart was an amazing composer and he wrote more than 600 pieces throughout his lifetime. He began his work at a very young age and was performing at the age of five. As he grew up he also went on to travel in Europe and all around the continent performing for royalty at the time. Bach was a composer who contributed to Baroque music. This was a type of music that involved difficult compositions, variations in tones and sounds that were new to the scene. Bach was a prolific composer whose works included many preludes and concertos. He is considered by many music aficionadas to be the greatest classical music composer of all time. His music was organized in a harmonic, counterpoint and motivic manner. His compositions included Latin music for church, concertos and cantatas.

The Great Beethoven

Beethoven’s compositions reflected the Romantic era of music. He was a student of Haydn and soon composed more daring compositions than had been seen before. He was a prolific composer who composed several works including piano and violin concertos, symphonies and string quartets. Joseph Haydn was another great composer from the 1700s who was very creative and inventive. He developed many new ideas for the orchestra and string quartet. Haydn was a composer during the Classical Era of music, who was responsible for creating a chamber music. For instance, he is largely credited with the development of the piano trio. The compositions of Haydn were to have a huge impact on later music compositions and on many of the composers who came after him in later years.

Frédéric François Chopin was a Polish composer. His work always included the piano. His compositions were influenced by the music of Bach, Shubert and Mozart and he was also influenced by the sounds of Polish folk music. Robert Schumann was a composer who often wrote music compositions for the piano. He also wrote compositions for the orchestra. Like Beethoven, Schumann was a well-known composer during what is known as the Romantic era of classical music. He is in fact widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era of music.

Another top composer was Richard Wagner, who was a composer in the 19th century. Much of his work was created for the opera. His approach was a holistic one. For the opera he would develop leitmotif. These were musical phrases that were created to be associated with specific characters in the opera. These composers from Europe are among the greatest composers in history. Their music compositions are so exceptional that the work they have developed is still heard played today throughout the world in several countries.

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