The Best Concert Halls in America

Going to see a concert is a thrilling event. One that you often anticipate for weeks to come. Your favourite artist is coming to town and you need to be there to see them. Concerts have been a long-awaited event for years and years to come. Since the 1800’s members of various societies around the world have payed to see their favourite musicians play their favourite songs. Where you go to see them play can make all the difference as well. There are buildings built especially for the enjoyment of listening to music. The acoustics can make all the difference to how a band will sound. So, when you are looking at tickets to see a band or musician take into mind where the event will be happening. As you will want the best experience ever.  Here are a few of the greatest concert halls throughout America so you can make an educated decision as to wear you will see your next concert.

The Disney Concert Hall

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, California and designed by Frank Gehry this gorgeous building was opened in October of 2003. It seats 2,265 people and it is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It hosts more classical musicians as well as modern day rock bands. The acoustics within the building are astounding, the design is beautiful, and you will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience should you venture to this venue.

Hollywood bowl

An outdoor amphitheatre located in the heart of Hollywood, California and most ironically known for its band shell, the concrete arches that have been there since 1929. Built into the concave hillside the amphitheatre has a bowl like shape giving to its name. The Hollywood Bowl allows you to bring in your own food and drink to enjoy while watching a performance, allowing you to picnic under the stars while listening to the tunes of your favourite artists. It truly is a fantastic place to see a concert and should added to your list if you have not already been.

Radio City Music Hall

Quite possible one of the most infamous concert halls in all North America. The Radio City Music Hall is located in Rockefeller Centre in New York City. It was at one point the most popular tourist destination in the entire city. It has been declared a landmark for its glorious interior. It is the home of the well-known Rockettes, but that’s not all you can see. They host many other shows and concerts throughout the year. Another concern hall that is an absolute must see, especially if you are already planning a visit to the great New York City!

While there are many more concert halls all around America and of course the world these are just a few of the notable ones that are worth a visit. A concert is a memorable event regardless of where it is held, but why not make it that much better by seeing it in a prime location made for the event!

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