Classical Music In the Modern World

Classical Music In the Modern World

Today’s society is so focused on technology that it is almost shocking, kids are constantly hurled around their phones checking social media incessantly to see what the rest of the world is up to. The world has changed so much in the last few years that it may seem that much of the world has forgotten the way the world used to be. This can especially be seen in the music industry, music is primarily downloaded digitally, no one owns hard copies anymore. Artists are made, no longer found, a voice can be auto tuned, and instrument can be added in later.

Some may say that the art of music has been lost, that there is no longer any trueness to it. For this reason, it seems that classical music has fallen out of place, that there is no longer a need for it in this society. However, classical music is a huge part of today’s music industry and our society as a whole. Classical music is the framework for all modern-day songs and tunes, the building blocks that music is built of today. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue Number 20 in A Minor was a composition that combined Bach’s classical style with a modern twist and was often said to be the first jazz piece. So, classical music is not something boring that old people listen to, but is the basis of new ideas that slowly evolved into the music that we all love listening to today.

Many melodies that you hear in today’s music can be heard in earlier classical pieces and still are relevant to today’s sounds. It was Mozart who first composed a four chord melody and found that although a more simple sound it was just as beautiful, this is the same four chord melody that you hear is so many modern pop and rock songs. Many of today’s musicians grew up listening to and studying classical music, a fine foundation for any other music that they create after that. They know that this is a great way to build a strong career and solid understanding of music. A brief study of several of today’s most popular artists will easily show you that there are classical notes and hints in all of them. You will no doubt see the importance of classical music in today’s society.

Not only that but many studies have shown that listening to classical music can improve mental awareness, aid in studying and should be played to young children. The benefits of classical music are endless, and that will never stop being true, regardless of what other types of music may become popular in the meantime. Whether you listen for pure joy, to enhance your mental abilities or as a study of music no one can deny that classical music was the basis of all music and that it is still a vital part of today society. When you have the time, take a chance to look into the greats and learn just what makes todays music so beautiful.

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